Sending Email with Table in Body

You may include tables simply by turning them to raw HTML for example using df.to_html() in Pandas. However, this often lead to very ugly tables as SMTP is poor at handling CSS or styling in general. Here is a comparison of using df.to_html() directly vs embedding via Red Mail:

pic1 vs pic2

To embed tables, you can simply pass them to the send function as Pandas dataframes:

# Creating a simple dataframe
import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame({
    'nums': [1,2,3],
    'strings': ['yes', 'no', 'yes'],

# Let Red Mail to render the dataframe for you:
    subject='A prettified table',
    html="<h1>This is a table:</h1> {{ mytable }}",
        'mytable': df,

Red Mail uses Jinja and inline HTML styling to make the tables look nice. Email servers typically don’t handle well CSS.


Red Email Pandas templating should work on various dataframe strucutres (empty, multi-indexed etc.) but sometimes the rendering may be off if the dataframe is especially complex in structural sense. There are plans to make it even more better.

You may also override the template paths (see Jinja Environments) to create custom templates if you wish to make your own table prettifying:

email.default_html_theme = "my_table_template.html"
email.default_text_theme = "my_table_template.txt"

The templates get parameter df which is the dataframe to be prettified.